Client Story: Colt Technology Services

We’re thrilled to have a longstanding partnership with Colt Technology Services, a multinational telecommunications company that services network-intensive market segments. 

Over the past few years we’ve produced a variety of videos for this fantastic tech company from interview videos, promotional content and animations. 

Promotional Video

Our first project together was in 2017 on a video that highlighted Colt’s SD WAN technology. We created this video completely in post-production, using sophisticated modern file footage to demonstrate the professionalism and reliability of Colt. 

In this video, animation is overlaid to demonstrate the intangible and complex ideas that Colt needed to communicate – such as the animation between the skyscrapers to show that they offer a solution that helps with inter-company network infrastructure.

Corporate Video

Afterwards, Colt instructed us to create an engaging corporate video that demonstrated the benefits of moving to intelligent communications, which we adapted into three foreign language versions. 

For this corporate video, we decided to use an ambitious combination of animation, stock footage and motion graphics to bring a complex topic to life. We used the motif of circles, which we have implemented previously in other videos we have made for Colt. The repetition of using circles both symbolises their logo, which is circular in shape, and also serves to drive home brand recognition.

As 65% of people are visual learners, we want to give their audience something more interesting than a standard talking head interview, that allows them to take onboard the information in a method that suits them best. The images used in the video act as key visuals, enabling the audience to associate the illustrations with the comments, aiding retention and recall long after the video has finished. 

What’s more, adding animation ended up being a cost-effective way to add visual flair to an interview, without having to capture B-roll or use expensive stock footage.

Thanks to Colt, this technique of mixing a well-shot live action interview, with animated text and icons overlaid onto the image, has since become one of our signature styles.

Interview Video

Over the next two years or so, we continued to produce video for Colt such as product launch videos and promotional content. Then, Colt approached us with a brief for a case study testimonial interview about the work they do to support Google Cloud.

For this project, Colt asked whether we could add some creative ideas to what otherwise would be a very simple testimonial video. The results were a talking head interview mixed with animation to visually represent the core concepts of their product. 

Animated Video

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Colt commissioned us to create an animation to promote their Cloud service offering. There was a lot of information to pack into one video so one of our main tasks was to simplify their complex offering to create a clear script with a targeted message.

We created this animation explainer for Colt using 2D flat design principals to conceptualise a character who finds herself in a tricky situation. We aligned her predicament with those of the typical Colt buyer persona: a procurement or IT manager who is overwhelmed with the plethora of choices available. We wrote the script to include the problem, but then moved swiftly onto the solution: Colt’s Cloud Services.

We made sure the brand is evident from the word go and throughout the production. From the colours used, to the iconography – everything was created using Colt’s brand guidelines as a reference point. This ensures that viewers who don’t make it as far as the Colt logo, will still become familiar with the brand and associate it with high-quality, clear communication.

Colt  actually launched a brand refresh as we were finalising the animation but we were able to move quickly and adopted the new colour scheme, logo and end frame into the video.

The video is informative but fun to watch and aligned with the needs of the buyer persona, making it an effective piece of marketing collateral.


Most recently, Colt came to us with a brief to visually communicate the strength of their partnerships. We pitched three concepts for this video: an animation, a documentary case study and a conceptual commercial about a team sport. 

Colt liked the last option, and felt that the concept of using a cyclist and the team around them would serve as a good allegory for how Colt is stronger, together with their partners.

We then worked on the script together with Colt and assembled a creative team to bring this film to life. 

We filmed over a weekend with the first day in North Wales to get the epic cycling shots, then in a studio in Hackney, East London for the training footage.

Editing and colour grading were completed within a week and the whole ad was turned around in less than two and a half weeks on a budget which would be far less than a commercial of the same calibre. We were able to achieve this because of our shorthand with Colt and their team. 

We’re proud of the work we have produced with Colt over the years, and are always delighted to team up with them to deliver high quality video content. The more videos we’ve produced for them, the more we’ve gotten to know their brand voice and company values, and the better we’ve been able to produce video content that is creative, unique and still distinctly Colt.