Animation Video Production

Bold Content Video are experts at creating animated videos that take a complex message and deliver it in a clear yet entertaining way.

How We Can Help

We’re a team of experienced and dedicated animators who enjoy solving client problems with creative animation. We can help you to help your clients through a sales funnel by using animation at every touch point.  We work a lot in the technology sector so we’re aware of how powerful animation can be in explaining complex products or services. We also work a lot in the education sector where we use animation to educate and inform viewers in a visually engaging way.

Experience and Expertise

  • We’ve had our animation work broadcast on the BBC as part of a documentary
  • We’ve had an animation for Coca-Cola shown on the big screen at Piccadilly Circus
  • We’ve created animated TV commercials
  • We’re specialists at distilling complex messages into clear animation scripts
  • We’re specialists in technology and education sectors
  • We’ve created an animated series for children to help meet learning goals

Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience at creating animated videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organizations such as the City of London and innovative businesses such as Filtered, and Flavorbox.

“They truly know what they are doing and are flexible and accommodating, ready to tailor a project to what you need.”, Media Consultant

Animation is a cost-effective option for delivering your video message.

Our team will be able to produce impactful visual content without the need to hire actors, locations, props or a production crew. All of the work can be performed within deadlines and budget by our in-house animated video production experts.

Animation video production can seem daunting, but our  animated video production experts have plenty of experience in many different kinds of animation: from animation studio work with stop-motion characters, all the way to Cinema4D/Maya3D rendering, modelling and compositing. Whatever you’re looking for, we have the facilities to bring your animation idea to life.

An animation we created for Coca-Cola as part of their corporate social responsibility campaign.

The Bold Content Animation Process

1. We ask questions

2. Script writing

3. Style frames

4. Storyboarding

5. Feedback

6. Animation

7. Finishing touches

8. Distribution to
your audience

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